Friday, May 1, 2009


Several months ago I posted on a wordless Wednesday a positive pregnancy test. That baby was born April 28 1 week early but big and health. Mom, dad and baby are home and doing great! Mom to baby is my best friend from childhood and we've stayed best friends since I was 5. It's amazing to think I'm still so close with someone I met over 30 years ago. I hope my big girl (6 on Monday) makes a friend that will last this long and go through all the fun sad and ugly we've gone through. Congrats to my girl friend and her hubby on the birth oh their little baby girl. I can't wait to meet her. Busy getting pink baby stuff together for this little peanut. Next week I'll be busy sewing her presents!!!!!! Can't wait. I can't wait for our girls to play together!!

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