Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost six

Tomorrow my baby turns six. I can hardly believe it's been six years all ready. I remember going into labor like it was yesterday. It was a Saturday morning 3 weeks before my due date, I was having contractions. Got up did some laundry, had a shower, then hubby and I went to our favorite weekend breakfast spot. Having breakfast was a little tough cuz this was about four hours after I woke up and my contractions were regular and starting to hurt. Then we had to go to my big sisters house cuz the next day was the baby shower and she had bought , among other things the stroller car seat system. Got to the hospital early afternoon got checked in this was long due to SARS. Then the resident came to do an internal and surprisingly to everyone I was 5+ cm dilated half way there and my contractions stopped. Hubby and I were sent to walk walk and walk some more thankfully it was a nice day. 4 hours later I was still only half way dilated but they admitted me and we hung out in my room for the rest of the time. I spent hours in the shower. Sometime before midnight they broke my water. OUCH darn resident. Early may 4th we met our little peanut who is now a little princess.

For her birthday tomorrow she would like to

Get a hair cut
Go out for lunch and supper
To go shopping
And go out to the movie theatre

A true little lady wants all the pampering a birthday should be all about.

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