Tuesday, May 5, 2009

6, 4 & 18months

I am now mom to 6, 4 year old & 18 month little girls. Our big girl is now 6. She had a day all about her yesterday. After kindergarten it was swimming lessons, lunch out then shopping to spend gift card that she got. We got home for the baby to have a much needed nap while the big girls got nails done. After all was good at home it was off to meet daddy for dinner at restaurant of her choice. After dinner was done we split up. Daddy & birthday girl went to see the new Hannah Montana movie & we came home bath,bed time. Birthday girl had a GREAT day.. Working weekends makes it tough to do a birthday party but she didn't ask / complain that she didn't get to have friends. She was way too excited to have a date with her dad without her sisters!
Next last day of kindergarten here we come!

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