Wednesday, May 6, 2009

play that funky music ....

The music has started chez nous. Yesterday the ladies & I went to Walmart & they had birthday money to spend. I decided it would be up to them what they bought within their price range of their gift card. This was a huge treat for them.

The eldest picked. Hannah - everything WIG, Outfit, play cell phone & double CD.

The other daughter picked a Dora DVD & another mermaid for the tub (3 this birthday season) too bad she's not loving swimming. I guess three is okay we'll have one for each of them to play with this summer in the pool.

I guess now the eldest is going to want something to play her music on.

So far Hannah isn't too bad.. What's next??

1 comment:

Laurie said...

OH boy.. it's going to get fun now :) And remember what oldest listens to, the others grab :) You'd probably fall down at the music my kids listen too.. it's always YES Fm in the van!! ahah