Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sad Daddy

Hubby has been blessed with three little princesses and until Wednesday night one if not two of them were planning on marrying their daddy when they grew up. Last night our school aged daughter told all of us the "law". Apparently she's getting a well rounded education & she's learned how it's against the law to marry your father, or any siblings. Not sure why/how that would come up in kindergarten but the 4 year old was sad to hear she couldn't marry her daddy. Hubby was a little sad that her innocence is slipping away. Guess we better start saving for 3 weddings.

Did I mention she has a boyfriend at school who she blushes when we mention his name. Luckily it's just at school, no request for play dates or anything like that. We'll see what happens when she has her birthday in a couple weeks.


Nana said...

I know it's hard when the children start growing up. We love them so much and want to keep them forever but that is not God's plan. Love you all.

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe, enjoy your day!!