Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids oh what fun

Thursdays are like my Sunday. I go into work on Friday x 3. So Thursdays often mean a lot of house cleaning/laundry, organizing ect.. Today was no exception. Morning was filled with laundry & vacuuming the playroom.. GLITTER + CARPET.. what fun. Now I kinda understand why my good friend doesn't like glitter. I kept thinking of her while vacuuming. Oh well the mess is all cleaned & the girls still have lots of glitter to play with.

After kindergarten pick up & lunch it was off to the Park. We were lucky enough to finally get together with a girl friend & her two little princesses. The baby wanted to wear her skirt today & not pants (makes for interesting sliding), at one point (2nd slide of the day) the baby got off the bottom of the slide & walked over to me & her diaper was around her ankle undone on one side. Yep experienced nurse & mom of three babies, and the freshly applied diaper had fallen off! TOO FUNNY... We had a good 2 hour play. The baby was played out. Operation keep awake failed terribly on the drive home but she transferred & napped x 1 hour. So no worries.

The icing on today's adventures of motherhood involve a 4 year old, nose + small round watch battery. I honestly thought we were past any objects in any openings ( with her). I guess not. I was upstairs, big girls were cleaning their afternoon craft adventure from the office. I was vacuuming the hallway looking into the office & noticed the 4 year old eyes tearing & she looked like she had a big sneeze stuck. Then she'd rub her nose a bunch of times. So finally I took her into the bathroom to see if it was more than just dust or allergies bugging her nose. To my shock there was a shinny silver object up the right nostril. Pick up the telephone to call hubby & put him on stand by that we might be taking a trip to the local ER. But luckily while the phone rang (went to voice mail), we were able to close one nostril & she blew really hard & voila out came a watch battery. Not sure what it belong to but boy am I glad it didn't require a trip to the ER @ dinner time.

The adventures in Parenthood never end!

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Nana said...

Her daddy did the same but with kernel corn. He filled both nostrils with the corn. Way up! We had to take him to the hospital to get it all out. Daddy's girl.