Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We have moved entered a new era we now have TV & more than 5 channels. We have 400+ channels & they are clear. No more snowy tv watching. Did I mention I can record, pause & rewind live tv. It rocks even if they were a day late in coming to install & if they took from 10 a.m - 530 pm to get the job done it was welll worth the wait. The girls are going to be so excited to find out that there is more to TV than PBS but it's going to be tough for them to pick what they want to watch with just limited tv time allowed. Got to run .. my tv is calling!

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Laurie said...

OMG.. welcome to your new era!!! You are going to LOVE your record, pause & rewind!!! I think I tape all my shows in the evening & watch when kids go to bed, just so I can fast forward through commercials!! Also great when there's more than one show on at a time & can't decide what to watch hehehe... Enjoy your new channels! :)