Saturday, September 13, 2008

Home Ownership

2 years ago the house my hubby found for was our introduction to Well Water & Septic System. For the last two years it's been uneventful. But on Wednesday (my first day off) after 7 extra adults have arrived in the last couple days for MOTOGP we have SEPTIC trouble. I had my big girl out at swimming lessons hubby texted me to find out where the phone books were to get the number of septic cleaners. AHHH...

We got a septic company & they arrived 3 hours after we called them. The septic hole was bubbling YUK. Well I got the lecture from the septic cleaners about what I put down my garbage disposable (which wasn't much anyways). So the skin is NOTHING & nothing down the toilet!! I'm not sure then why my kitchen sink has garbage disposable. No grease nothing. He said it would be best / ideal if we didn't toss anything down our sink / toilet but that's not practical.

Every 3-4 years we'll be getting it pumped.

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