Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Girl Bike

Today was a usual Saturday. Morning started off with a big breakfast, then everybody had to get "work clothes" on as it was outside to work in the yard. Around 3 pm my big girl decided she wanted daddy to get down her "spare" bike. This 2 wheel bike does not have training wheels. She put on her helmet & out into the driveway she went. Trying to figure out how to ride this big girl bike. She did a little work in the driveway with me holding the seat but then comes daddy! Living on a cul de sac allows us to play in the street without much worry. So out into the street they went. She quickly decided she didn't want to try riding a bike without the security of her training wheels. But tears & quiting aren't in my hubby's vocabulary. So after a long while of trying & hubby's sore back/knee she is able to ride short distance all by herself. When she realized if she stopped crying daddy would let her stop. She then decided it was time to try riding her bike alone in the front yard. I am amazed at how well she did all by herself. I can't wait until tomorrow to watch her again.
On another note I saw my mom ride a bike for what I believe is the first time ever in my life. As she's bombing across the grass she's saying my bike has no brakes.. she's never been on a bike that has gears.. she didn't know to pull the break on the handle bar. It's truly amazing what grandkids will get someone to do!

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