Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My big girl has been in school about 7 weeks now & we are doing our 1st & only fundraiser for the school year. We have to send out letters/ sponsorship request to family/friends here in the USA asking them to sponsor our daughter at her walk for FALL FESTIVAL. Well this was tough. We still don't know that many people that we would feel comfortable asking for $$ especially in this HORRIBLE economy. But I am happy to say we were able to come up with 5 households that we are pretty sure will pledge even 5$ to make it so she won't be one with no $$ in sponsorship. The really weird part is we just had to address the letter/envelopes & put stamps on them & then everything goes directly back to the school. I hope everyone one has a few dollars to sponsor our little GATOR!

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Nana said...

We will send donation on Tuesday. Please e-mail us and remind us. We would love to help. Nana