Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day two

Today was the 2nd day of kindergarten & it went as well as the first. She was up early & excited & onto the bus she went. Again our timing was a little off & she had 30+ minute wait from when breakfast was done & time to leave for the bus. I'm sure her excitement will fade & she will become pokey when it comes to getting ready.

Hubby & I are surviving very well. The middle daughter is loving her new found freedom when big sister is away. She says she doesn't want to pick sis up at 1130 but when they get home they play & play & nothing else matters.

The baby on the other hand, I think she misses her big sister terribly. The baby has been all cranky for the last two days & her attitude improved a bit when big sis got home. Or maybe it's all due to the immunization she got yesterday. Who knows, but I'm glad she is happy to see her sister.

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