Monday, August 11, 2008


Our eldest started school today & we all survived. This morning we got up early to figure out what our routine needed. It was 7:30 & she was showered, breakfast, dressed & ready for school! The bus doesn't come until 815 so we had to keep her contained for a while. She was soooo excited. When the bus finally arrived she was like: "bye mom/dad, see you later" & on to the bus she tried to go. We are like wait we need a kiss. There was no looking back. She did not shed a tear!

We all survived. Our middle daughter was a little sad when it was time to go pick up big sister she was enjoying being the big sister. Tomorrow is another day.

Daughter is very excited for daddy to get home to tell us all about her day & can't wait to go to bed so she can go to school again!!

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Too Cute!