Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Hubby

My Hubby is a real romantic. Since before we were married he's always been able to pull off elaborate romantic events. For my birthday in 2002 he booked us into "INN ON THE TWENTY" for a valentines weekend get away! He went as far as packing my suitcase (did an awesome job)! He picked me up from work & off we went on a 2 hour drive to Niagara Region (Ontario Canada)& had an AMAZING romantic weekend! There have been many more romantic events since then but the one I'm going to talk about occur ed just yesterday.

We live in a town with no family & still haven't found / tried any babysitters, so our evenings are always spent at home! Saturday night we got the kids to bed & hubby went to have a cigar (every Sat. night) so I went down to play the WII. When he came down I was tired from boxing on the WII so I handed the controllers over to him. He claimed to have forgotten his beer upstairs, so being the nice wife that I am, I ran up the stairs to get it for him. I got to the top of the stairs & there were arrows drawn on paper all the way to the patio door leading to the pool! Hubby came up & we went out side. Hubby had lit & floated 25 candles in our pool it looked amazing. Then there were candles all around the pool deck & on our table too. There was also wine sitting there for us to enjoy! Who says you need to go out, spend a lot of money to have an AMAZING time. Sitting in my lounge chair with my best Friend, under the stars next to the pool all lit with floating candles that's a fun night!

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Nana said...

Well you got me crying!!!!!!! This is so beautiful. God bless you both and the wonderful love you have for each other. mom