Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Never too Old!!!

My Mother is a GREAT women, she told me something yesterday that I thought is so worthy of being written about I had to blog it.

My Grandfather is a fairly healthy 96 year old and up until last year he lived on his own. Then last year had to be moved in with family but has yet to sell his Cottage (thankfully for my mom). My mom is 59 & recently separated, she moved back to the area where she was born / raised us kids & is living in her Fathers Cottage aka Grandpa's house.

My uncle/aunt who my grandfather live with, bring him out to the "cottage" every week. My Grandfather decided it was time for the deck to be repainted. So he is staying out at his place with my mom for half of the week! I know this is all really dry thus far but now is where it gets GOOD! So, it's a one bedroom cottage so my mom has been having to sleep on the couch (sofa). The story goes:

Grandpa gets up in the morning & asks if my step father was there last night?
My moms response was NO.. there was nobody here. Grandpa.. I heard a man's voice...
My mom ...I was watching TV & you must of heard a man's voice.
Grandpa... ya right...

Okay so my almost 60 year old mother is still having to defend herself to her FATHER. She's a mother of three adult girls & grandmother but still having to explain a mans voice to her dad.

I guess as long as they are living they will ALWAYS be your parents & inquiring about your ACTIVITIES!!!!

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