Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Fun

I have great memories of summer when I was little. I was lucky to live in a town where I could go down the street to the neighbours & my mother didn't need to worry. We would be outside from dawn till dusk all summer long. One of my favorite things to do was get apples off the tree across the street from our house. The owner of the apple tree wasn't always too happy with us doing this but BOY where they good apples. My favorite time to pick the apples was when they were really small & SOUR!!

I was soo excited this weekend while weeding one of the many gardens in our yard to discover that we had an apple tree. For some reason last year we didn't get any apples from it but this year YUMMY. The girls were with me & I showed them the tree & the tiny apples. I picked us each an apple & YUMMY. The girls weren't as excited as I was to enjoy these SOUR apples (nor was hubby) but I must have eaten 3-4 of them (they are small 2-3 bites at the most). I can't wait till the apples grow. Just maybe the girls & I will be baking apple pies this fall!

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