Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a wonderful day!

Today started off the way every weekend morning does, Pancake, bacon & egg breakfast. Then it was upstairs, get dressed & outside we go! We were outside by 10a.m & came in for the night @ 6:45. We cleaned more gardens getting the yard ready for the summer! The girls were busy playing. Did I mention it rained most days this past week so there was A LOT of water in our yard. Kids + water = MUD
After out lunch break, hubby & the eldest were out in SHORTS & sandals. The middle girls was BLACK... she decided she would float her toy boats in the LARGE puddles of water. OH what fun! Luckily it was HOT out & the girls love playing outside. There was no complaining except from the baby! She didn't like being stuck in one spot watching all this fun so she kept taking naps!

Hubby has his 1st sunburn of the season & I'm sure it won't be the last. But it is very funny looking, he had on a Tshirt & gloves.. so only the middle of his arms are red!!

In the house for dinner & the middle little lady fell asleep waiting for dinner to be served. Thankfully she woke up to eat her dinner then it was shower for all & BED!! Oh the sore muscles we will have in the morning!

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