Friday, April 4, 2008

Working from HOME

It's been a full month now that I've been working from home. It's been FUN (most days). The big girls are very good, they know that if the office door is closed that mommy is working & not to run in yelling. The baby is getting a great afternoon nap established. I work a little bit in the morning, then again a wee bit in the afternoon & around 8EST. Its great to be able to work then go out & come home hang with the girls & work somemore!

Today the girls were especially good & played in the bsmt while I worked this afternoon OH WHAT A MESS they made. But luckily they realize that if they don't clean up there is NO FAMILY MOVIE for them tonight & they LOVE family movie night. They get so excited for Friday nights. On Thursdays we go to the Library & pick out our family movie & just wait for Dinner to be over on Friday to watch it!

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