Monday, April 7, 2008


This weekend, someone within my "work team" received a FRENCH LEAD. I responded that I once spoke french, am very rusty but if nobody else could do it I would dust off my french & give it a try! I received the FRENCH lead today. So I emailed my hubby's lovely GODMOTHER to see if I could test out my French conversation with her! She agreed I could give her a call this evening. You may wonder why I didn't just try it out on Hubby well he doesn't speak a word of French!

I sat down before dinner & wrote out a few lines (my french teachers would be horrified if they saw how I spelt a bunch of words). I called "GODMOTHER" & gave her the back ground of what I was trying to do & what I wanted to say & off I went. She was very kind & only had to help out with a few words. I'm so glad my mother sent me to FRENCH school when I was younger. I just with I was more responsible & actually kept my french up MORE. THANK YOU AGAIN for all your support. I'll keep you posted on how suggesful I was calling this FRENCH LEAD from QUEBEC.

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