Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It takes so much work getting Preschoolers ready to go out in the snow you really hope they are going to play in it for a LONG time.
It all starts with encouraging them to use the bathroom. Then Snow pants, mittens, scarf, hats, boots & winter jackets. For two of them this takes a good 10-15 minutes, if the baby isn't crying & everything is where it should be. So they are all set to go. Oh wait they didn't bring down their "babies" to push in the strollers (how do you push a doll stroller in the snow). So just get back to the crying baby I suggest putting snow in the stroller for today as our baby! Okay so out the door they go. The middle girl goes straight for the yard with her stroller carrying it, picking up snow & adding it to the seat. The eldest went to their outside play kitchen realized there was ice build up in there & declared "I'm going in" So a total of maybe 5 minutes I had to get the baby to stop crying, nurse a little & then in comes one. So now I have to stand at the window & watch the younger one try & get her stroller out from the back yard with all this snow. She only fell backwards a few times. Then she starts yelling for her sister to help her with the stroller. So mama has to put on her snow boots & find a safe place to put the baby down out of helping big sisters reach & go out to help with the doll stroller. Luckily I was able to convince with little resistance that she come in & play in the playroom. So 25 minutes start to finish & I'm undressing them again!
Wow.. and I thought it was a great day to play out in the snow.. warm out & sunny 4 Celsius or 39F.. now that's a nice day to play in the snow.. a mom would think anyways..


Nana said...

This blog brings back memories for me when Papa would be working and I (Nana) was home with all four children. Mothers have to be thinking in all different ways for all different children and always safety issues and being helpful and keeping the children happy. Good job daughter. Love: Nana

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, can't wait to get there!

Auntie Val