Sunday, December 23, 2007


Four & a half year old oozes with ATTITUDE. Most of the time I just want to knock it right out of her but I also realize that it's helping to build a strong little lady with her own views. BUT please HELP some days I don't want to discuss why I've asked you to do something or how things are created, formed or happen, I'd just like that she do what she is told when she is told. My almost 3 is YES mommy Sure mommy but I know that is soon coming to an end becuase her independence is starting to come through. Thank goodness for new baby she just eats, sleeps & dirties MANY diapers (cloth & disposable) oh the jobs of being a mother.. I can't wait for the angels to be all strung out for xmas & hyper yipee..

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Nana said...

Try a sixteen year old who leaves home and goes and lives with his girlfriend and family. Nana offered for him to live here with us if he is not comfortable at home and he says no. His mom and father-in-law and his brother are so upset. What can you do? You can't change a persons mind if it don't want to be changed. Papa says he will just have to go through things on his own. It is very hard on the whole family. mom