Monday, November 19, 2007

Mouse in the HOUSE

Last night the baby decided she needed to feed FREQUENTLY from 3 a.m - 6a.m so needless to say Mama didn't get much sleep. But the day must go one when you have two other children. We had a play date with friends late morning & they came over here!
While sitting down stairs in our basement I saw a small tiny mouse run across the floor. I was paralyzed I was holding the new baby & my eldest was sitting beside me. The wimp I am I had to get my girl friend who was also holding a baby to grab something & drop it on the mouse. My fast thinking friend grabbed a garbage can & dropped in on the mouse YAHOO!! Then how to get the mouse out of the house! So we called for "GRANDMA" & she came down & again with the help of my friend they got the garbage can up off the floor with mouse in it & out the patio door they went! Not long after as I am now feeding my baby my girlfriend tells me there is another mouse crawling down the side of the fire place.. AHHHHHHHH!! Grandma to the rescue yet again. 2 mice out the patio door. I guess that's what you get for living on property that is surrounded by TREES! Now hubby has to figure out how to get the house save from MICE cuz MAMA don't like mice at all. My eldest thinks we should move to a new house. I would agree with her on that.. I don't like rodents in my house. They are fine outside but not where I live! Lets hope they were just two lost baby mice & that they didn't leave an entire family in my house! Good thing Grandma is here for a while!!


Anonymous said...

I know a good mouse catching cat who would love to pitch in, too bad he hates car rides.

Anonymous said...

Good job gramma. nana