Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I think my girls are very lucky. They have 1/2 of our basement as a playroom & they have enough toys to fill it up! My hubby & I are very particular about how our house looks & all the toys are to stay in the play room leaving us the rest of the house neat & tidy. We've invested time/money/energy into organizing their playroom with shelving & bins for all their toys. Why is it that at the end of some play days my eldest & I go head to head trying to clean up the toys. Some how markers become food, even though we have a well stock play kitchen. It's like my girls are pack rats. My step sister told me when we got our first play stroller, "if you can't find something check the stroller". Those where the best words anyone could have ever given me. EVERYTHING lands in the stroller & we've moved on to having purses attached to the stroller stuffed with all sorts of things!

Needless to say I no longer want to get angry with my girls about cleaning their playroom & not cleaning up when they are done is not an option here. So 1 large garbage bag of "stuff" was removed from the play room today & everything was reorganized & many bins where placed up HIGH. We'll see how this works.

I'm just trying to get the girls ready for sister #3 when she starts crawling & little toys can be dangerous!

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