Friday, November 16, 2007

Motherhood of 3

Well it's been a week now that I've had 3 little ladies. It's been busy. I had the baby last Friday a.m & was home 36 hours later because my eldest had an activity that I just could not miss. We started last Sunday running & haven't stopped. Monday was out to a photo studio to get a picture done for hubby's birthday of his girls! When we gave hubby his bday card (a day late) with the pictures in it, he had a tear in his eye! We also needed a few groceries so to the store we went! Tuesday found us running to the hospital for the baby to have repeat blood work & then to her doctor to see how her jaundice was coming. The eldest also had a medical appointment that day so there we were off & running more! Wednesday we stayed home & did 6 loads of laundry none of which were the babies. Thursday went to the mall for a walk kinda a slow day. Friday end of week one, found us shopping at Costco & then home for an afternoon play date with a friend! This was great the girls were SOOO happy to see their friends & I enjoyed sitting having TEA with my girl friend. Thankfully "Grandma" has been here to help out with meals & watching the older two so I can get a little sleep in the a.m. The baby has not yet learned the rules to cluster feed during the day & not in the middle of the night. Hopefully week two will have her learning more of the rules.

So all in all week one with three really didn't slow me down a bit. We'll have to see how week 2 goes. Hopefully as well!


Anonymous said...

Of course you know your big sister showed all of the pictures you have made available to her friends and collegues, and no surprise all of the women I know who've had children think your some kind of freak or wonderwomen. they can't believe how good you looked only a couple of days after birth, not to mention the short 3 hours of labour prior to birth.

Of course I only smile with pride at my beautiful nieces, and I'm sure "brother in law" is building the barriers around the house to keep the boys out, tee hee.

Mommy's Boot Camp said...

Well THANKS sis, More pics coming! Can you believe I'm into some of my prepregnancy clothing by end of week one!! Yahoo.. I guess having gestational Diabetes was a good thing for weight gain/ weight loss post pregnancy.