Sunday, March 7, 2010

The ongoing adventures of the never ending MIGRANE

Hubby had a stomach flu several weeks back and then a few days later he started with a HEADACHE. This headache is NEVER ending. Five weeks later, MRI, Lumbar puncture & CT SCan still not going away. Hubby is being followed by a neurologist who on Thursday prescribed medication with the disclaimer that he might need hospital admission for the IV drugs. Saturday hubby's headache got worse, how that's possible I have no clue. But it was bad enough that he asked to go to the hospital. I had to leave work early to take him there. It's now the next night & he's still in hospital receiving IV medications and there hasn't been any change in his headache yet. Fingers crossed that it will start to work soon.

The Neurologist figures it's going to take MANY days to kick this thing in the ASS... since he's had it for 4-5 weeks..

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Nana said...

I hope and pray the meds work now and the migraines go never to return.