Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Friday

Well its friday. Hubby still has his HEADACHE (if that's what we call it 4 weeks later) The neurologist said all the test were normal. We got to our appt late yesterday cuz some clown decided to cut us off & crash into us. We were all okay but that caused a delay in getting to our appt & caused hubby's BP to be 160/104 (that's HIGH). So hubby is now on medications for migranes & if that doesn't work on Tuesday he'll be admitted to hospital for IV therapy medication x2 days.

Of other note. Our House went on the market yesterday early afternoon we had two showings last night & another today. Hopefully this will work out for us. The goal of this is to down size our yard so that we can spend more time as family and less time working on the yard.

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nana said...

It will all work out for you.