Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once upon a child

A few weeks ago I reorganized the play room & at the time I filled up a big box with many baby toys that aren't played with chez nous. The box of toys has been in the garage for weeks. Hubby & I have been slowly finding balls to one of the toys (balldrop) so today the little ladies & I went & sold some toys. Baby had a MELT down. She did not want to leave her ball game at the store. She didn't notice it has been gone from the play room for weeks. But today she was VERY SAD, TEARS and everything. The store bought many of our toys just not the early learning (sensory) toys. The baby desperately looked inside the bin we were taking back home for her ball game. SAD baby.
The toys we brought home will go to a new home where they have a small baby.

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