Tuesday, February 9, 2010

adventures of a snow day

Yet another day of school cancelled because of a little snow. But around here it is pretty good timing. The big girl has had a cough for more than a week & yesterday started complaining about ear pain. Now with her having asthma and 4 ear surgeries for tubes these are common complaints. But last night it was really bad. So before school was even cancelled we decided we'd go to the Dr 1st thing this am. Our dr Rocks she always has great same day appt times.

We went up there at 10 a.m, mainly for big girls ears. But then when the dr' listened to her chest she wasn't impressed. So a nebulizer treatment in the office was required & then the dr could actually hear a little air moving. She was totally diminished (breath sounds) on the right side.

Both ears are infected (oral antibiotic for that) and because her asthma is exacerbated she's now on a course of steroids. I guess it was a good thing we went to the dr.

She doesn't really complain much about her coughing, and it's just part of who she is so I had NO idea she was that bad. At least it wasn't a trip to the ER. Fingers crossed the steroid helps.

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