Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Making Christmas gifts

This year the little ladies & I are trying to make a lot of our xmas gifts. My medium girl has been busy running the embroidery machine. Since we have yet to buy software to put letters together for names (free trial expired) our home made gifts are getting first initial only. Medium girl picks the thread color, loads the thread (i thread needle), picks the letter we need, loads the card into the reader writter and then once I put the fabric on the hoop she runs the machine. It's nice. I get a lot done while my elf is helping. We hope everyone loves what we are making.
Project #1 is well underway. Then the nieces / special little people project will get started (hopefully we my joann's order will arrive soon). Just wish we didn't have to mail the majority of our gifts. We won't get to see most gifts being opened :(

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