Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The day before Thanksgiving

Today is the day before American Thanksgiving. I really thought I'd be busy grocery shopping, cleaning house and prepping food. That is not the case.

The fun chez nous started late Monday. 6yr. woke up with severe belly pain, she was able to go back to bed but was up several times that night. So when 7 a.m came and she was still complaining of pain in the same spot I decided it warranted a run to the doctor considering it's Thanksgiving here on Thursday. So she got ready for school and off we went to the dr for 8 a.m. Dr. didn't like the belly exam so off to the children's hospital ER we went. Xray, Blood work and ultrasound (normal) later we went home. She was started on antibiotic for junk in her urine. Last night & today we are still having complaints of severe pain episodes but no fever for her or vomiting. Lucky for us school break started this a.m so no need to make the decision about going to school or not!

Before lunch today the baby -2- decided she was going to burn up 103.8 so off to bed she went. Then after about 90 minutes the temp came down 102.7. She's been pretty lazy laying around watching DORA all day not wanting to do ANYTHING. Around 4 pm she started crying and was miserable, I picked her up and was going to bring her up to bed but not before she tossed her entire stomach contents all over me with three large tosses. YUKKK. While I showered the grossness off she fell asleep on my bed. Lets hope she's done tossing her cookies.

Here's hoping we have a well Thanksgiving Day!

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