Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sewing ahhhh!!

About 2 weeks ago the little ladies and I made a fabric store run & got a bunch of nice corduroy fabric to make "stuff". However, things got busy and today was the first time I've sat down and thought about what to make. Big girl isn't wearing many skirts these days, she likes her skinny jeans to go to school (trouble), nothing made for her at this time. I made a skirt for middle girl brown with pink polka dots and a 2" ruffle in a different fabric.

Then I decided I would go through my patterns found one for little people pants. Pulled it out, and cut out the pieces required. Thought I was doing great. Then when I went to put the pieces together I realized I cut all the pieces the same rather than folding my fabric, since none of the pieces needed to be cut on the fold AHHH..

At least I was able to add a ruffle and and trim off the top and make a skirt. So the baby got a skirt instead of pants.
Maybe tomorrow night I'll try pants again.
The fun of learning.

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