Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Childhood Silly

Many years ago I'm guessing 20+ my cousin & I stopped talking. Reasons totally unknown to me. A little history. My moms' brother (aka Uncle) has 3 daughter one that is 2 years older than me, then 2 & 4 years younger than me. So the eldest & I stopped being nice to each other for SOME reason (no clue)years ago. As children we were frequently together cuz our parents hung out together. But once we had a say to be social we often didn't.

Last spring 08, she contacted me as she was coming to town on business and I eager to have her stay with us & try & get to know her as an adult. It was a great visit. Shortly after she left here she announced she was pregnant & theres nothing like a little person to further build a relationship.

This weekend I was lucky enough to finally meet her little man. He's now 7 months & wow he's CUTE. I loved just holding him.

My cousin is a great mom to him. It's amazing how we didn't really get along during our teen/twenties that we got a long so well this weekend. It was almost like we were sisters. Since my eldest sister never had babies, there are a lot of things about being a mom she never got to experience. But my cousin and I were able to chat at length about all the things we shared. And all the fun of being a mom.

Thanks again for making that effort last year. I'm glad we are "cousins" again!

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