Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pillow Day

Today 4 year old daughter & I got busy and made 3 pillows. She loved helping. Her job was to stuff them and a wonderful job she did. She kept testing them by laying her head on them. It was CUTE!!

I've been busy making single bed size rag quilts for the "boys" in our life (girlfriends little men). They are 4 & 6 and I never made them quilts before (wasn't into sewing when they were babies). But their quilts are DONE. Pictures to come once package goes in the mail. So we decided it would be nice to make them pillows with some of the squares from the quilt. Hopefully they will love them as much as we did making them.

The picture here is of our little miss' pillow. Hubby & I had bought the other girls character pillows when they were about 18 months old just small pillow but when it was time to get the baby one we could not find one that didn't have beads or bling on it. So she's never got her "pillow",today she did! Now the big girls have decided they are too big for Dora and Winnie the Pooh, it looks like I'll be making more pillows.

I love that the girls like home made stuff!

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