Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Excited 4 year old.

Ever since the school year started here (early Aug) my 4 year old has been BEGGING to go to "4 year old school". With me being home Mon- Thursday it has been really hard to justify paying money for her to hang out with someone else. Also considering we get out and play with lots of other kids, we go the zoo, museum, she does LOTS of crafts, plays in the dirt ect.. She's so ready for SCHOOL. She does "homework" books every day when the baby is down for her nap. So what would preschool give her that we aren't doing at home.

Recently in our 1st graders school newsletter we got info on a Early Childhood program where typically developing peers are role models in a special needs classroom.

She is signed up & ready to start on MONDAY & she is SOOOOOOOOOOO excited..
I'm very sad that she's going to be gone 2 afternoons / week but she's so ready to spread her wings! She asked if she can help them learn sign language & teach them new words. She's all ready thinking how to be a good mentor.

Now I guess we better go buy her a new outfit for her first day of school. Ah darn must go shopping AGAIN...LOL

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