Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still Procrastinating

Yesterday the little ladies & I went to the children's museum & had a great time. Then after the monkeys were in bed, I went down & put together a rag quilt for a little man (no pictures until his brothers is also done). I have a lot of cutting still to do but it's all sewn together.
Hubby had a great day he had a friend down from Canada & they went out on a LONG motorcycle ride & avoided the majority of the rain. Then last night they enjoyed the Wii & Tiger Woods golf.
Tonight I have a work dinner. One week till Exam date.. Better CRACK the books.
Oh wait today is laundry, cleaning, and fabric store. Next Week we have the last of the summers house guest. My cousin & her family (7month old baby) oh how I love doing stuff for babies...
Better get laundry started.

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