Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm scheduled to take an exam August 28 @ 11 a.m. I haven't taken an exam in years (14 to be exact). I'm trying to get my certification in CASE MANAGEMENT. So instead of doing what I should be.. I've been busy sewing.

Yesterday the girls & I went to the Fabric store & found a remnant that got me started. It was a piece of corduroy, brown with hearts. That was what we picked for Biggest girl with Solid brown.

Then we had to pick out other corduroy for the other girls. Even a broken needle on my serger didn't get me to the books instead I had to fix that... Tonight I've made 6 skirts My girls each got one skirt plus there is an extra for the middle girl (test run).. then I made two others that will be mailed to two little ladies in Northern Ontario. Hope they love them.

I guess tomorrow I should study.


Nana said...

Beautiful job girl! I love the skirts.
My moto if I have a hard time to do something is "JUST DO IT". I just get started then everything starts to flo. I have times like that too but "JUST DO IT" seems to work.
Go girl!!!!!!!!!

Nana said...

I know of a little girl in southern ontario that would love one too.