Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I always wondered why/how kids could poop in the tub as this had never happened to me until tonight that is. The baby is sure into doing things her big sisters NEVER did. I wonder if she just wants to ensure that I get to experience EVERYTHING as a mother seeing that she's probably my last. The ladies & I had a great day at the park, sand pit & dirt today then after dinner was done I decided it was bath time for the baby & the middle child (big girl showers every a.m before school). I had shampoo'd both their hair & just as I was ready to rinse I saw 4-5 large logs on the bottom of my tub. AHHHHHHHHH..... So drain the tub, clean it out & then showered both the girls oh the joys of motherhood.. I can't even tell you when she did it.

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