Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big Girl

Our eldest is 5 almost 6 and still has a problem with bed wetting. A few weeks ago she decided she was big enough to not wear "goodnights" any more (diapers). So she gave her baby sister her box of diapers & has done pretty well. We are still changing sheets about twice a week but she's trying so hard. Last night just after hubby & I turned out the lights for the night we heard the little foot steps come running down the hall. Our door opens & a sad little Z was at our bedside. Explaining how she tried to get up but wet her bed (a little). So daddy advised her to go into our bathroom & finish her pee, then to take her pj bottoms off & when she returns to her room to put new ones on & to put a towel down on her sheets. She went into the bathroom had a pee & came out then the laughter starts:

Daddy: did you have a pee
big Girl: yes daddy
Daddy: what did you do with your pants
Big Girl: Daddy what did you want me to do with my pants?

hubby & I started to laugh... are we brewing an attorney. She didn't say on the floor, hamper or nothing.. but with more attitude than any 5 year old should have she responded with a questions. After we were able to breath again from so much laughing. We reminded her what she needed to do: get a towel, put on new pjs & go back to bed.

Oh the fun of little girls...

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