Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring cleaning oh the joys

I decided this week that it would be much for "fun" to spring clean with my mom here & seeing as she will only be here a few more weeks I decided the time to start was this week. So yesterday we started & got maybe 1/3 of the office done & then we were done. This spring cleaning is going to cost me money. I've decided we need to clean, purge & organize all at the same time. Thank goodness I decided to do this with help!! Mom's are the best.

I just want my girls to know that their dad is a much better cleaner than I & that he can do all the heavy lifting/moving of furniture required so he'd be the better choice when they move out & have a place of their own. OH & he's the energizer bunny it would only take a day or so with his help.

I love my mom & all her help. She's out at the chiropractor so I can sit & take a break...LOL... She'll know because not much will be different from when she left. Oh well I know we only have a few more days to get it done (between me working outside the house, having the kids in the way & a little girl turning 4)
Oh better get back to purging!

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