Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ER visit

Its finally happened we had to make a trip the ER for an injury! Our big girl soon to be 6 and on Monday night she decided we would have to run to the ER.
The girls and I were finishing up dinner and heading up to bed when Z decided to jump up to close to the cupboard and hit her head!
Initially she just came to me, I hugged her holding her head then pulled my hand off to only find that it was COVERED in blood!
She was crying sisters watching very concerned and grandma raced to get a wet cloth'
Cleaned off the head and saw about a 2cm head wound in the partline of her hair.
Call to my coworker to see how busy we were at our hospital... Way to busy there so when daddy got home we went to another ER. We were triaged, treated (glue)
and released with one hour wow that rocks!!

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Laurie said...

Isn't the glue wonderful? No needles! I remember getting stitches and the worst part was that needle! I remember when Kaylee fell and had an inch gash down her forehead.. they put a liquid freeze on it to take the pain away and said it was possible glue would be an option. Thank god it was!! She was 15 mins away from the 'freeze' wearing off.. and the big needle was in the treatment room ready!!! I'm so glad to hear everything went well with your first trip to the ER! and glad Zoe's doing great... the scars have to start sometime! :)