Thursday, January 29, 2009


I heard the final tally was 12" of snow in 1 day. Around here that is enough to shut down most towns. The girls & I suited up & got outside 3 times yesterday. The 3rd & final time for the day is the one that is giving me the most pain. We have the extreamly LARGE driveway & lets just say 95% of it is cleared of snow. Hubby was home & he's a work horse. OUCH is all I can say. I'm surprised I can even type right now. My typing teacher won't be impressed with my posture but hey I'm using all my fingers to type..LOL..

Now today the task it to figure out what to do that won't cause mama too much pain & again my kindergartner isn't at school (darn delays).

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Anonymous said...

Your children would love the snow here.......In fact it hasn\t stopped snowing since October, and we are tired of it. Perhaps we can will some your way. We are ready for spring......Heading to Florida in April....need sun....

The Grawbargers