Monday, June 9, 2008

We are Home

We left on our Great Canadian Adventure before the end of June. We packed three little girls & a lot of stuff into the mini van. We drove 6 hours which took us 8 hours with food/pee breaks & gas fill up required to get to within 2 hours of our final destination. We arrived at the hotel at midnight with 3 little TIRED girls, no play pen in room & they weren't sure if they'd be able to find us one. Finally at 1230 they found a place for baby to safely sleep!

The girls woke up bright & early excited to finish their trip & see Grandparents! We had a quick breakfast & back in the van we went & finished our 2 hour trip.
We decided to surprise Nana & Papa with the entire trip they had NO CLUE we were coming. So all the way there Hubby & his bro were in communication via blackberry to determine a meeting place to do the big surprise.

We get back to our home town & the first place we go is the Mall & surprise Nana & Papa & introduce them & Uncle/Auntie to the baby! All was good. I'm still shocked that the first place I go when going back to my home town is the mall. Maybe this is because I spent SOOO much time there growing up it's like a 2nd home!

The week went by quickly & the girls got LOTS of love from all their aunts/uncles. We went to a BBQ at grandma's & surprise on us.. Auntie & Boyfriend Uncle were there to visit their nieces. It was great seeing my sister & her hubby & I was even more shocked that they drove 7 hours on the motorcycle to see the little girls.

The drive home was a straight drive home through RAIN RAIN RAIN! It took us 10 hours with all our stops & three TIRED little girls.
Now it's back to reality, working for me, laundry & house cleaning. I'm excited to still have hubby home for 3 more days he's busy working in the hard & keeping the ladies busy so I can work!

Oh wait I nearly forgot the weather! We went home & it was COLD/DAMP long pants & sweaters were a must for a lot of our trip. We get home to a HEAT WAVE & we haven't even opened the pool yet.. 2 more sleep then that will open! It's terribly hot here, we had to turn the AC on!

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Nana said...

Well it sure was so nice to see all of you!!!!!!!! We really miss you. It has rained and rained and rained. I am drying our clothes in the dryer which I don't like to do but Papa needed some clean clothes for work and it just wants to rain and rain. Oh well. So glad you got home safely. Thanks for coming to visit and we love you all. Nana