Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Work Horse

My hubby is an work horse. I hope my girls get his STRONG work ethic. He was sicker than a dog, we've had a cold going through our house lately & it hit him hard. But after a little rest after breakfast there was NO stopping him till dinner time. Monday was Memorial Day here in the USA & that meant hubby was home one extra day with us & that meant work, work, work. Yesterday we decided it was time to clean out around the pool. We got one side done.. We took all the tiger lilies out &turned the soil, wedded & planted maybe a 1/8 of the lilies back in the garden. This took us from 11 a.m till 7pm. The girls are GREAT .. they play nicely together while we work work work. The baby napped lots. Wow. am I glad he's gone back to work so we can have a break!

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