Friday, June 20, 2008

Sorta Crawling

Anyone around us knows that I am in NO hurry for the youngest member of our family to start sitting up or crawling. I'm happy knowing where she is at all times (exactly where I left her). I think my enjoyment in that is coming to an end. We are sitting in the office & she's just cleaned my hardwood floor with her cute little white onesie (note to self no more white outfits or start washing the floors more)! She's showing no interest in crawling on her hands/knees or military crawl for that matter but rather getting around EVERYWHERE on her BACK, yes her Back. I think she is finding the traction she can get with her little feet to be good. The big girls are loving their little sisters new exploring ability & are moving toys all over the office.

As I am typing this the baby has also decided to start log rolling around. To interesting methods of moving but she is getting where she wants to go.

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