Monday, June 23, 2008

200th post

WOW I can hardly believe I've written 200 posts all ready.. I really did not wanting to write this post but I guess I have too.

A few weeks ago we went on our family vacation to Canada - Nana & Papa's house to be specific. It was their 40th Wedding Anniversary. We were all very excited to go spend time with family/friends. Our eldest was very excited & was allowed to bring her digital camera that she got for xmas from Auntie/Boyfriend/Uncle. Well all was good for the first few days. Then it was the day of the BIG ANNIVERSARY BASH @ the inlaws house. The girls & I were at the park/mall with nana & papa all day & when we got home the party got started. Early in the evening I saw daughters camera in the house sitting beside the computer. I didn't think of moving it. Daughter wasn't concerned with taking pictures, way too much fun was being had by all the kids. The next morning when we woke up she wanted the camera & it was GONE! We thought maybe it got miss placed or something. But we've been home now for a few weeks & it's not here @ our house nor have my in-laws come across it.

We've got a VERY SAD 5 year old here wanting her camera and the worst part was she didn't even misplace it. So now hubby & I have to decide how we are going to replace her Camera. If it was something she hadn't used all the time we might just say forget about it. But she LOVES taking pictures & was always very responsible with her camera. VERY SAD FOR HER!

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