Tuesday, May 6, 2008


My laundry detergent ROCKS!!! This weekend was the big princess party. Our little 3year old wanted to wear a BEAUTIFUL WHITE dress she wore in her uncles wedding as a flower girl. Some of you may be thinking White dress & outside party, snow cones, cakes are you getting a picture of BLACK DRESS! So the dress by the end of the day was Black & DIRTY!

I sprayed it with the amazing eco-friendly, none hazardous/non toxic laundry spot remover then washed it with the same safe liquid laundry soap & VOILA brand new dress. Now if only it could have repaired the ripped off piece of "lace" the dress would be perfect! (did I mention no BLEACH was used)

If you aren't getting these same results from you currently laundry products you NEED to contact me. I am so AMAZED.. Oh & did I mention this was washed on delicate / cold water!

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Anonymous said...

Why don't I have this amazing picture? please send
Auntie V