Monday, May 5, 2008

And now she's 5

The party was a huge hit! Princess showed up on time all decked out in their finest. The Weather was great! Hubby did a wonderful job keeping the party running!
Started of with chariot rides to the back yard (john deer tractor rides). Then a craft painting the outside of small flower pots. We then made snow cones (brand new machine broke on 6th set ahhhhhhh) At least all kids got one (back to return that today!!) Then a pull string pinata lots of fun & surprisingly we got down to the last string before it opened all girls had two turns lots of fun. Then sing song & puppet show by the "king" himself (hubby wore many hats)! A little time for playing @ the swing set & just running around, plant flowers in the pots they decorated before Cake & presents! Boy what great presents she got. We finished off our big party with a little parachute playing in the front yard.

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