Monday, April 21, 2008


Tomorrow is EARTH Day.. Back when I was in school this was the dreaded day when you had to go out to the school yard & pick up the garbage! My eldest daughter tries to pick up any garbage whenever we are walking around any day of the year (I guess I'm raising a NEAT freak.. must be because of her daddy)

Our house has done a few things just over the last little while to be more environmentally friendly. 2 months ago we switched all our household products cleaning/bathing to be more environmentally friendly (concentrated solutions, recycled plastic containers & better for our health). We recycle what ever is allowed in our community (a service we have to pay for but it's worth it). We recycle yard waste (a yard this size generates LOTS of waste). I know there are MANY other things we do but those are just the ones I can think of right now!!

Oh wait we shop at this AWESOME store online that delivers to my door so I'm not driving my van as often. That's great in many ways especially with gas prices so high!

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