Monday, April 21, 2008


Let's make this a GREAT Earth Week -- START WITH ONE simple choice that will enhance your family's life, be safer for your family, and lighten your impact on our precious environment!

We all know that the daily choices we make shopping can affect lasting changes in how we impact our fragile environment, our family's heath and overall well-being.

If there was one simple shopping decision you could make that would make it so EASY to GO GREEN for our homes and our family, would you want to know about it?

What if you could save time, save money, save on gas and feel REALLY GOOD about the products you are bringing into your home?

I absolutely LOVE the store I shop at! They deliver to my door, I save money on things I would have to buy somewhere else, AND I LOVE BEING GREEN! I would LOVE to share with you this great way to SHOP GREEN AND SAVE MONEY.

take just 20minutes of your valuable time to learn about this -- you will be sooo glad you did! Request info from


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