Tuesday, February 12, 2008


On the weekend hubby kept the kids & I ran over to the hair salon & got a cut/style & highlights. 3 hours all to my self that was amazing. When I got home hubby had the girls all feed & just waiting to go to bed! He had also got out one of our favorite cookbooks & had prepared all the ingredients for me to make our favorite dish! WOW. Then on Sunday mid day I was feeling a little tired so I went up to have a little afternoon nap when I woke 2 hours later the baby needed to be feed. I got down to the kitchen in a little bit of a panic because it was DINNER time & I had not done anything. But to my surprise, hubby had all ready thought about dinner & it was in the oven cooking. Then his presentation of dinner was amazing (insert picture when you get the camera near by) When we got married it was clearly stated that cooking was not his strong suit & I was okay with that but he keeps showing off his chef skills.
Tuesday morning hubby got up really early, went down & made bacon, eggs, mamosa & pancakes & brought me breakfast in bed!!! My huby is AMAZING!!!

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