Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My hubby is the BEST.. Today is my birthday & hubby does it up right. This morning when I climbed back into bed after feeding the baby (530) he wished me a happy birthday (i didn't even know he was awake). Then shortly after that he got up to say he was going to put on his coffee for work & that I didn't need to worry about it today. But to my surprise he came up with BACON, EGGS, PANCAKES & Mamosa & tea for my breakfast in bed! Tonight he took care of dinner! He came home with an amazing Blue Cheese Wedge Salad, roast chicken & potatoes & CHEESECAKE FACTORY cheesecake THREE kinds.. YUMMY... & a bottle of my favorite wine.
He's the best!!

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Nana said...

My heart is crying because I am so happy and proud of my son and how he treats his family. mom